This year, when we moved into a new house, we realized that one of the toilets had very low water pressure. That’s when we decided that instead of calling a plumber, we could figure out how to re-plumb a toilet ourselves. We looked into how to do it and it seemed pretty straight forward so we went to the hardware store looking for parts. We then came across a box kit with all of the parts, But wait, there’s more! The real selling feature of this set was the handle. It may sound crazy but the amount of water coming out changed depending on whether you pull the handle up or down. If you pull the handle up, it flushes less water than when you push down. I know that I sound crazy writing a full length text post about this, but by doing this project I learned a lot of things and it was a bizarrely  interesting experience, learning that any skill can be acquired and done well, it just takes some time to learn.