In the summer of 2016, my father and I took on a project to create an at home air conditioner. The first step in this project was to do research. We found some really interesting information about how an air conditioner works. We wanted to create a modified version of an air conditioner based off of an earlier design that used an ice chest. Our idea was to fill a chest with dry ice, pump water through a set of tubing but have some of the extra water sit with the ice. Eventually, the water in the tube would empty out into the ice and be funneled back into the water pump. There would be a fan behind the tubing blowing towards you. This project was a complete failure. We bought a water pump and tried attaching tubing and it didn’t fit. We then bought a different size of tube and although it did fit, the water pressure was too low to push the water far enough. We could not find a water pump with more psi than the one we were using. The outcome was a colossal failure, but I did learn a lot about air conditioners.