In 2017, my father and I wanted to rewrite the game Breakout from the ground up. To do this we used a programing language called Processing JS. We started with nothing but an empty page of code. To do this we needed to write the physics for the ball, program the levels, program the bricks to disappear when hit, and the paddle. It was a lot to take on. I learned a lot from this project, like how hard coding is, and how improper syntax and little typos can make your entire program fall apart. I also learned a lot of the basics of programming (functions, for loops, mouse events etc.) We completed it in a few months with countless hours of effort put into it. in the end, it could be a lot better, but it’s something we created and I’m really proud of that.


In certain scenarios the example is zoomed in too far. Although I’m not entirely sure why this is, I do believe that it has something to do with the display of your computer. If you are on a Windows computer, I have figured out that it will work if you decrease your scale from the recommended 120% to 100% This can be changed in Settings<Display<Scale and Layout

If you are on a Mac, I have no solution at this time.