In 4th grade I was part of my school’s science fair. With some help from my parents, we found a very interesting project to do. My project was on camouflage. We wanted to test if it was an effective method of survival. We got multiple kids to do this test by putting a mix of red Skittles in a bowl of M&M’s. We told the kids to pick as many M&M’s as possible without picking any Skittles. We also told them that the only color of Skittle was red. Of course, we couldn’t tell the kids that this was a project on camouflage, otherwise that would skew the results, so instead we fronted the study with a nonscientific one. We told the kids I was doing a project on trait based bias. When the time came for me to present the findings, I decided to present the fake findings first, then explain that this was all entirely cherry picked data, then present the findings of my real project. To make the fake presentation, we had the participants fill out a sheet with different traits they had. We then took photos of the Skittles and M&M’s the participants had less. After that, we would draw conclusions from the data that sounded convincing enough but was actually just a coincidence. (i.e. if people with glasses drew more brown M&M’s, it’s just a coincidence, they are not drawing more brown M&M’s because they are wearing glasses). After presenting my project to four or five teachers,I ended up wining 2nd place, I could not have been more proud that the work I put in paid off.

Me receiving the award