Over my winter break I programmed a weather application. Usually I program in JavaScript or Processing JS. For this application I programmed in a new framework created by developers at Facebook called React. It is very similar to JavaScript with a few differences. The big difference is the render function. Anything that you put inside of the render function is shown on the page. The other main difference is the state. When you update something in your program you can add it to state to access it globally.

When programming this app I learned how to make calls to an API. An API is a program that your program can make calls to. For my use I used two API’s. The first was an API for the temperature and current conditions. The second API was to find photos to display. I receive the current conditions from the Accuweather API and the current conditions are put into a Flickr API that sends back a picture displaying the current conditions.

The app shows you the temperature and the current conditions. The background image is a depiction of what the weather is like right now. The picture in the middle of the screen is a depiction of how the weather makes you feel. I need to improve the algorithm for finding the image in the middle of the screen (at the best of times it is barely accurate). I also need to add an area to enter a zip code (currently it only searches relative to Novato).