The first thing you may notice about this post is “what happened to version 2?” Well I had some difficulty getting the algorithm working on version 2, because of this I had to use a different API for the photos. Version 2 has been discarded.

I have built on my previous version of my weather app by adding new features ( Firstly, I have added a modal that comes up and asks for your zip code. Currently it only takes US based zip codes, but that will hopefully be improved upon in later versions of this program. If you click the gear in the upper left it will introduce a modal that allows you to put in your zip code. Once you enter the information the photos and weather will be updated. Secondly, I have improved the algorithm so that it shows pictures in the back that more accurately show the conditions. The image in the front will also give you a representation of how the weather will make you feel (i.e. if it’s sunny it displays a picture of a dog feeling happy, if it’s rainy it displays a picture of a drowsy dog). The photos will also change if you click on the front image. Thirdly, the images will now update every ten minutes. the images displayed are randomized from a list of results.

You may access the full webpage at