San Marin Staff WiFi password: redwood1014

Working Version of Titanium Phoenix:

View Reddit:

Unblocked Club Penguin:

How To Use Google Translate To Reach Unblocked Websites:

Go to If you do it anywhere else it will not work.
- Translate from Spanish (or any other language) to english
- Type in the URL to a blocked website
- Click on the hyperlink on the English side.
*Note: The styling may not work for complicated websites, much like most proxy servers that I can find.

Useful Bookmarklets

To enable a bookmarklet, follow these directions:
- Copy the code.
- Click the star in the write hand side of the search bar.
- Add whatever name you want. It does not matter.
- Click 'More...'
- Where you see 'URL:' replace the current text with the code copied earlier.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO USE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Go to desired webpage.
- Find the bookmarklet in your bookmark bar.
- Click.
- If the bookmarklet didn't work, check that you did everything correctly.

ALERT: Mozilla Goggles (the “inspect element” tool) has removed the ability to use the tool. I have found an alternative version. Please update this by replacing your old bookmarklet with the alternative linked below.

Limited Inspect Element Tool:

javascript:(function () %7Bvar script%3Ddocument.createElement(%27script%27)%3Bscript.src%3D%27,%27en-US%27)%3Bscript.setAttribute(%27data-baseuri%27,%27

Desired Output: You should be able to click on anything on the webpage. After Clicking a box should pop up containing the HTML. If trying to change text on a page: Look for the text you want to change inside the pop up box. Then change it.

Google Drive Disguise:

javascript:(function() {
var link = document.querySelector("link[rel*='icon']") || document.createElement('link');
link.type = 'image/x-icon';link.rel = 'shortcut icon';
link.href = '';
document.title = 'My Drive - Google Drive';

Desired Output: ‘Google Drive’ should now replace the current title on your tab

Useless but Fun Bookmarklets

Capitalize All Text :

javascript:void function(){"uppercase"}();

Turn All Text To Comic Sans MS:

javascript:void function()"Comic Sans MS","Comic Sans"%7D()%3B

Change Your Cursor to a Loading Symbol:

javascript:void function(){"wait"}();

If you have an app written in JavaScript then you can use this link to encode the application into a bookmarklet:

If you have any additions to this page contact me at

I do not condone using these services to break school rules.